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In our practice, we have discovered that people tend to ask many different questions about garage doors, their components and operation. That is why we have compiled this FAQ. It is intended to help everyone get to know their systems better. As a result, problems can be effectively resolved and prevented whenever possible.

We Solve Garage Door Opener Problems Efficiently

Is there a problem with a garage door that opens slowly?

There are varying reasons why the door is moving slowly. Our experts say that it could be because it is how the door opener has been configured or because the door opener is not suitable for the door size. Check the unit’s manual to find the instructions on how to change the speed setting.

What is the photoelectric eye?

The photoelectric eye is a sensor in most modern garage doors that is part of the safety feature. It is responsible for the detection of objects along the door’s path. It automatically instructs the door opener unit to reverse if an obstruction exists. The photoelectric eye should always be properly aligned with the reflector opposite its location.

I want my garage door to complement the home’s allover look. Can it be done?

Definitely. There are several types of garage doors that will blend with your home’s architecture such as steel, wooden, glass, carriage garage doors and the like. You can select from a wide range of doors available and see which one best suits your home. You can also have one customized for a more unique look.

What is opener backup?

This is a specially designed battery which is connected to the motor. When the main power shuts off, the motor is powered by the battery. It is possible to add this accessory to an existing garage door opener, if it is compatible. Each battery backup can power the unit for a fixed number of cycles. It also comes with an estimated life at standby mode. These characteristics are important for making the right choice.

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