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Operating with the highest standards for quality service, our company offers the most reliable and dependable garage door services for all your residential and commercial needs. For all your replacement needs, we only use the best parts from the top leading brands which have been known to provide quality products. Because of the service we provide, we are proud to say that all technicians are highly sought after in this field. They are known in this industry to be some of the most detailed and dedicated technicians who will definitely be able to fix any door problem you might have.

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Quick and Expert Garage Door Service

I do not usually write testimonials or reviews for services I receive. However, I felt that this is one of those moments that I must let others know how great Garage Door Repair Anoka is. It was a busy day for me and all of a sudden my garage door just suddenly started acting up. It would not close and I could not just leave it like that. I called for emergency service and was so thankful that help arrived quickly. The technician was very skilled and knowledgeable and had the problem solved immediately, so I was able to leave for work just on time.

Happy with Garage Door Tune Up

I have had my garage door for years but I never had any major problems with it. That is all thanks to the great service of Garage Door Repair Anoka. This company maintains my garage door regularly. They were actually the ones who also did the installation and I remembered their price was reasonable and their service was great. I am a huge fan of this company because they always provide excellent service and their staffs are really nice. I just had my door tuned up and I am happy with the results.

My door just needed some good lubrication maintenance

The noise my garage door was making when I used my opener has been getting steadily more and unbearable. Eventually, when I was fed up with it, I contacted Garage Door Repair in Anoka to see if they could come and have a look at it for me. Their technician was at my place right on schedule, and he told me that the sounds were being caused by friction and that my system just needed some lubrication. After he finished working, it was as quiet as it had been when I first got it, and I’m sure it is opening even faster now. I couldn't be happier with the service!

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