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When it comes to garage door dos and don'ts, you will certainly benefit from some practical advice. Use the tips provided here to ensure that you will do the right thing in all sorts of different situations and avoid serious mistakes at the same time. It pays off to be knowledgeable.

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Remove dirt and grease from tracks to prevent blockage

Our professionals explain that the accumulations of dirt and grease inside the garage door tracks can lead to slow operation and prevent the door from moving altogether. To avoid these issues, you should provide regular cleaning with a brake cleaner. Spray the product from top to bottom and wipe the sections clean with a soft microfiber cloth.

Repaint a wood garage door every year

This is essential for keeping the wood protected from damage. Make sure that you clean the panels thoroughly with dry or slightly damp cloth. Any damage to the wood and especially decayed spots must be fixed timely before the repainting job is done. The paint must be formulated to provide protection from water and UV damage.

Winter-proof your garage door

Prepare your garage for winter by winter-proofing your overhead door. Our technicians recommend inspecting the seals or weather stripping. Consider garage door panel replacement when necessary because insulation degrades over time. You may also want to switch to a new door that has higher R-value before winter comes.

Quiet a noisy garage door using lubrication

However, do not use just any lubricant for the garage door. A silicone spray is considered most appropriate. To control the noise, spray some on the chain rail, hinges, rollers, and the bearings. Make sure that you wipe off accumulated dirt as well.

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