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How to Fix Opener Problems

04/05/2015 Back To Blog

Often garage door problems are related to their openers. A tiny issue with any of the parts of the electric mechanism could make the door reverse, stop working or keep it from opening. Problems with the electric circuit could also have an impact on the operation of the door and for this reason it is wise to first check whether there is an issue with the house's electricity or the board. It could even be a small problem with the socket or the plug of the electric garage door opener and that's why you should keep an open mind and think out of the box in an effort to exclude any other possibility for one specific problem before you start troubleshooting the opener.How to Fix Opener Problems


Common opener issues and solutions


The most common garage door opener problems are related with the motor or the sensors. In extreme cases, you will have to replace the logic board since this is the part which controls all functions of the opener. If the motor is still running but the door has already reached its full opening or closing position, you will have to adjust the travel limit. With this switch or button, you can set the exact opening and closing position of the door. Motor noises when the door is already shut indicate that it gets the signal that the door must move further down despite the fact that it is already closed. In order to fix this problem you must re-set the travel limit by the opener unit.


The closing position of the door is adjusted by the down button or switch. If the door doesn't close completely, you must turn the button clockwise. You must remember that one turn equals two inches of door travel. You will possibly need to make several attempts until you are sure that the door travels to the right closing position. On the other hand, if the door doesn't open completely or too much, you must make the new settings from the up button or switch. If the door doesn't reach its full opening or closing position, the travel limit is increased. In the opposite case, travel limit is decreased.


The reverse system of electric operators is extremely important for your safety. If you make new adjustments, you must also check that the door reverses upon contact with a small object placed on the floor. In a different case, you must check that the lights on the sensors are lit, wiring is alright and the sensors are aligned. If the sensors are not aligned, release their screws and before you tighten them again, shift them a bit till the light comes back on. Another way to check the reverse mechanism is to put your hands to stop the door from moving as it is descending. The door should stop and reverse or you will need to adjust or replace the sensors.


Some noises coming from the opener system are not always serious problems. It could be that the chain might need lubrication maintenance or that the trolley, opener unit or rail might need tightening. Over time, nuts and bolts get loose and create noisy vibrations. In other occasions, opener problems keep the door closed. If the door doesn't open, the first thing to do is to check whether it opens by either the remote or the switch on the wall. If the garage door springs are okay and the tracks are not dented, there might be something wrong with the motor. In such cases, you will need the assistance of Garage Door Repair Anoka. If the door is not locked and everything else seems fine, see if there is a problem with the remote. It's best to replace the batteries and reprogram the clicker.

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